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Bouncy, cutey, platforms and power-ups galore. Although the eponymous Nicky looks as if he has been stretched and battered so his features are a bleeding mass, you get the idea he is supposed to be cute. Basically here is a pleasantly executed, very playable bounce-around with a few neat puzzles chucked in.

Nicky has a quest - don't we all? And to complete it, he has to make his way through eight levels of rumbustious, rib-tickling bugs, spiders, killer snails, birds and an assortment of other icky devils. At the off, Nicky is armed with an array of weaponry; he chucks little red keys at chaps. Of course, there are power-ups, and explody things such as orange (cherry?) bombs and spiky brown bombs. Use of these opens up hidden elements to each level. There was a rumour that Nicky is aimed at young female children because he gets to pick up rolling pins and other kitcheny-type things along the way. Blatant sexist talk if you ask me. It's fun, it's light, it's fab.

It's a good platform game, with this small fat guy.

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