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Nicky Boom. That cannot be his real name. I think it must have something to do with his penchant for all things explosive. Quite why he spits apple cores and other assorted fruits is beyond me. Perhaps it is a funny French joke.

No. You do not want to know the story. Fine. Nicky's granddad's being held by a wicked witch. She is forcing him to show her his special secrets, but he won't. Nicky must find the witch's den and save the old fella pronto. There. What did I tell you?

Nicky Boom is pretty - sorry, ugly - standard fare. Platforms + Ladders + Monsters + Special Scenery + Shooting + Jumping = Nothing New. And the bombs do not even play much of a part!

Alain Lambin must be a member of the Burning Pants Club, for they are surely on fire after his claim to be an artist and a musician. The man has been given a lot of color to play with and he obviously not afraid to use it. Extraneous detail abounds, too, and it does not make for a pretty picture. The music is bland and unsuitable, and the spot effects are not special.

To its credit, there are many hidden features. Digging through the mud to discover ladders and bonus points is alright. There is little else worth discovering though. Nicky Boom is the sort of average fare played by the likes of Mean General Ordinary who lives at Mundane MiddleOfTheRoad.

The eight lengthy levels each come with a code, so you do not have to endure previously completed ones lest you fluff it, but there is little chance of that anyway. The difficulty curve must have come free with a packet of Cornflakes. My dog, Stumpy, finished it in half a day.

There are only two taxing aspects of Nicky Boom's playability. One is the tedious task of having to fall into unknown territory only to find an inch of deadly water below. The other is some of the enemy characters shooting bullets in Nicky's direction. Now they at least present a challenge. Otherwise, it is pretty much like talking a leisurely stroll through the countryside, throwing old fruit at anything animate.

Nicky Boom won't blow anyone away, that is for sure. I cannot help feeling sorry for it, like something the car's brought in which has to be put it out of misery.

Fancy playing a game that 'will overhaul you with its humor and animation'? Apparently that's what Nicky Boum, from French coders Microids, will do for you. Playing Nicky, the character from the title, you have to try and rescue your grandfather from the clutches of an evil witch who has kidnapped him and turned all the peaceful forest creatures into carnivorous freaks after your blood.

You can see from the screenshot that it's a platform game. It's also a very basic platform game, and one that seems extremely dated when placed alongside titles like Zool and Robocod. All the standard inclusions are there, such as smart bombs and hidden rooms, but that's it. Microids don't seem to have added anything in order to make the game stand out, so it doesn't. It's quite fun to play for a while, and the controls are tight enough to make it enjoyable at times, but there is so much better around.

Bouncy, cutey, platforms and power-ups galore. Although the eponymous Nicky looks as if he has been stretched and battered so his features are a bleeding mass, you get the idea he is supposed to be cute. Basically here is a pleasantly executed, very playable bounce-around with a few neat puzzles chucked in.

Nicky has a quest - don't we all? And to complete it, he has to make his way through eight levels of rumbustious, rib-tickling bugs, spiders, killer snails, birds and an assortment of other icky devils. At the off, Nicky is armed with an array of weaponry; he chucks little red keys at chaps. Of course, there are power-ups, and explody things such as orange (cherry?) bombs and spiky brown bombs. Use of these opens up hidden elements to each level. There was a rumour that Nicky is aimed at young female children because he gets to pick up rolling pins and other kitcheny-type things along the way. Blatant sexist talk if you ask me. It's fun, it's light, it's fab.

It's a good platform game, with this small fat guy.

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