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This one's got a bit of a strange story. After rescuing his grandfather in Nicky Boom, the sequel finds Nicky, with his magic goose, trying to rid the forest of the evil witch who has also taken all of Nicky's toys and scattered them everywhere. I suppose that's one excuse for messing up your room. Er, "Mummy, the wicked witch chucked these toys on the floor, not me".

Anyway, back to Nicky and his magic goose. The goose can't be that magic because it can only carry Nicky around. If it was really magical then it would do things for him or magically open doors or something It doesn't even come to Nicky - he has to go and fetch it. Most of the places the goose can go, Nicky could got to under his own steam

Getting on the goose is a doddle - one press of the fire-button and you're all ready for flight. But getting off the thing is a different matter entirely When you're being attacked by a killer bee, for example, and you're trying madly to get off the goose so that you can blow up the bee with a fire cracker, it's impossible to get off the thing before you die. But of course when you don't wont to gel off the goose when you're firing at something, you can rely on Sod's law that you will end up falling off.

The two main weapons at your disposal are fire crackers and ultrasound whistles, as well as the bog-standard stones. The fire crackers look like sticks of dynamite and have a similar effect. The whistles destroy all the monsters on the screen and help dislodge bonuses when they're out of reach and both can be found lying around, usually near where they are needed.

There's the standard selection of monsters for a forest setting: killer bees; realistic spiders and rabid bears you'd rather not meet on a picnic in the woods. You can kill these by jumping on their heads, and they subsequently turn into toys that you can pick up. The toys are also dotted around the game and hidden behind magic walls. Keys litter the landscape and are used to unlock treasure chests and doors to other parts of the levels

There are hidden ladders, collapsing bridges and falling masonry to inject on element of danger into the proceedings. As well as the toys and weapons there are 'useful' things like logs (which look like swiss rolls) to build bridges and magic mirrors to transport you into rooms filled with treasure.

The original Nicky game was cute and playable, and so is this one, but nothing has been improved upon. When there are games like Arabian Nights and James Pond around, gomes like this are not worth the time and money. Sequels should improve on the original, not merely be on extension of the first game. If you haven't got Nicky Boom then this sequel is probably worth getting, but if you have than don't bother.

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