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The new Stealth Fighter is the most sophisticated aircraft in aviation history. Totally invisible to Radar, able to fly low and fast, and possessing state of the art weapons and avionics, it's the pride of the US Airforce. Unfortunately for the Americans, it has been stolen!

The CIA is called in to hunt for the missing aircraft, and they in turn, call in their top undercover agent, John Glames (a sort of American James Bond). Using his skill, ingenuity, and an array of gadgets, (including such handy travelling aids as a passport forging machine and a pen that squirts acid) Glames mission to takes him to the exotic South American state of Santa Paragua, (where the the ruling Military Dictator is top of the CIA's suspect list) in the search for the stealth, but he's got to hurry - the KGB has also heard about the disappearance, and their agents are hot on the trail.

Delphine has followed the success of Future Wars, with this, another Cinematique interactive adventure. Operation Stealth has all the addiction of an interactive adventure, and is totally mouse-driven, making it instantly playable. Unlike the earlier Future Wars, improvements have been added in that any objects you pick up and examine, are shown in close up, so you can actually see what you're looking at. You move Glames around exotic locations, pick up, examine, and use objects and generally interact with the scenery and any characters you meet, all with the click of a mouse button. Glames' powers of deduction will be tested to the full as he picks up the trail of the missing fighter and tails suspects, but he'll also need to be brave and resourceful, to get himself out of dangerous situations. The graphics are well presented and the exotic scenery gives the game the feel of a James Bond story. The game will undoubtedly appeal to the sleuths amongst you, while the arcade gamers will like the underwater sequence in the game. The graphics, and animation are well designed and presented and the overall playability of the game makes for an engrossing and addictive game. You'll get really involved and won't want to leave Op Stealth alone until you've got to the bottom of the mystery. Operation Stealth is a well designed, thought-out and put together game.

US engenieers constructed the best stealth aeroplane for the army. But somebody has just stole it! You are the man, whose job is to find that super secret weapon :)

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