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Pac-Mania brings Pac-Man out of his singular 2D maze and puts him in a land of 3D mazes and scrolling worlds. Consisting of 22 levels of play, Pac-Mania takes place in Pac-Man's Park, Sandbox Land, Jungly Steps and Block Town. Each maze is filled with dots; Pac-Man must gobble up all of the dots while avoiding enemy ghosts. If he eats one of the four power pills in the maze, he will temporarily have the power to gobble the ghosts. When he has eaten all the dots in a maze, he will progress to the next level.

Pac-Mania adds two new ghosts to the universe of Pac-Man games: Sue and Funky. Also new is the ability to eat green pills for temporary speed boosts and red pills for doubling point values. Most importantly, since Pac-Man is now out of the confines of a 2D environment, he can jump over the ghosts.

Nostalgia is big business nowadays - we have '50s and '60s music back in the charts and Pacman back on the computer screen. The little yellow blob with a penchant for pills is back once more and he's still being hounded by Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, Sue and Funky. Can Pacman cut it with the big boys in 1989? Or is the game an insult to the circuitry of your beloved Amiga? The answers to these two questions are yes and no respectively.

Pac-mania is an arcade-quality program. Stunning use of colour, shading, and three dimensional perspective make it an Amiga showpiece. The most attractive feature of the graphics is the way that they fill the screen completely - there is no border. By combining this with superb four directional scrolling, the programmers have created a perfect illusion - the monitor seems to disappear and you are left looking at the game itself.

Sound is exemplary - a different tune accompanies each level, with every one taking full advantage of the Amiga's stereo capabilities. Even after several hours play I didn't feel the desire to switch the music off - so it must be good! Our hero must out-run or outwit his ghostly following as he races around four different types of maze. The first is described as Block Town. I would have called it Lego Land since the floor and walls arc constructed from Lego type bricks.

Number two is set in Pacman Park with tubular rails forming the barriers. The third level is based in Sandbox Land - here the dusty paths are separated by the regular shapes of sand castles. Finally we have the elevated wooden walkways of the Jungly Steps. Apart from the regular Dotty pills the maze also contains several larger pills of various colours. There are always four yellow ones on a screen - these are Pacman's power pills which make him mean, macho, and menacing and also give him the ability to eat ghosts. Occasionally a red pill will materialise. Eating this doubles the value of any points scored from that time onwards - quite a bonus if any of the high value fruit tokens appear. Finally there are the green pills - which give Pacman the ability to out-run any ghost on the screen. I would advise you to take a yellow pill soon after swallowing the green one - a high speed blob can be difficult to control, so it helps if he's invulnerable.

The final weapon in Paccy's armoury is his jumping ability - not a feature of the original game, but a welcome addition. A quick stab at the fire button can send you flying over a pursuing ghost. When the strains and stresses of saving the universe begin to get you down, play Pac-mania and smile again!

Pacman is back and he's ready to kick some ghost ass again! This time the game is 3D while the goal remains the same - pick up all the dots and avoid ghosts (unless you're in frenzy mode when you can eat them). The come-back of the legend that you simply must play!

Are there anybody who doesn't know Mr. Pacman? I don't think so. This version is a little bit different, it has 3D view, and Lego like graphics. Quite interesting.

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