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Little time has passed since the events of Police Quest, when Sonny climbed the ranks of the Lytton police department and became the key element in the arrest of Jesse Baines, the notorious Drug Lord. After the trial, Sonny's application to the Homicide division was accepted and proposed to Marie, who had her prostitution charges dropped and started a new life away from the streets. Life was good... until Baines escaped, taking advantage of a low-security prison and an inexperienced correctional officer. Sonny is now in danger from a vengeful Baines and is saddled with his new chain-smoker partner Keith. Sonny goes to the field again to capture Baines, but things are about to get awfully personal...

Using Sierra's new SCI engine, the graphics are more vibrant than in the first game, but gameplay remains basically the same, with the player ordering Sonny to move to a place in the scene (either using the directional keys or the new mouse interface) and a parser interface to interact with the gameworld. Game sequences are more varied, and include a shooting range, an underwater search or searching the inside of an escape vehicle. The driving sequences are gone, and the player can relax while reading the chatter between Sonny and Keith as they move from location to location. The approach to the game, however, is radically different. While the first (for a large part) is based on street police work, this sequel is oriented into forensics field work such as collecting evidences that link Baines into the happenings of the game.

If you have played Police Quest 1, you will know how difficult it was to put Jesse Bains behind bars. The town was saved from the Death Angel terror, but the peace should not last... Jesse has broken out of jail with a hostage and a list over people he wants dead! Since it was you who put him behind bars, it is up to you to once again capture him and bring him to justice.

The game has improved a lot from the original game, both in terms of graphic and sound. The only thing I don't like in this game is the driving... or rather, lack thereof. In the first game you drove the car yourself, but in this game it is automatic. So you loose the ability to cruise around aimlessly... One thing I do like, however, is the fact that you do not need to do a full check-up of your vehicle before leaving the station. This is a big plus, since it enhances gameplay greatly. Another plus is the option to use the mouse to move around with.

In other words... PQ2 is a great sequel to the first game, and a must if you liked that one!

Sonny dealt with the dangerous Jessie Bains in first PQ game, but bad guys always come back. Bains is no exception and this time he's looking for revenge! He captured Sonny's fiancÚ and is threatening to kill her unless Sonny surrenders to him. Will that happen? Download this great game and see it for yourself.

Police Quest 2 is still a textual adventure. This makes it hard to play but it is also very interesting. I guarantee you will enjoy playing it.

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