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The hero in this adventure isn't a brave and fierce warrior. Nor is he out to save the world or rescue a loved one. In fact he is just a rather plain and average guy. During the day he works on a construction site before returning to his meager home. Boring, eh? Certainly not the sort of person that explores mysterious caverns and battles the terrible creatures that lurk in shadows. So how has such a plain chap become involved in a fast paced action adventure? Simple really. One day P.P. Hammer (no relation to the bloke that sings and dances) was working in the street making a large hole with his drill when, through pure luck, he stumbled across a large underground cave and before he could save himself he fell inside. Armed with only his Pneumatic Weapon (drill) P.P. must try to escape from the subterranean labyrinths with his life.

Taking on the role of P.P. you must complete 70 levels before you can make it back to the outside world. To progress to the next you must collect all the riches that are scattered around the various rooms and then find the exit. Each section only contains a certain amount of air and if you delay for too long you will find yourself gasping for breath as you slowly die! You only have two items that can aid you in your escape attempt. First of all you have a big pneumatic drill. Using this you can break through some of the rocks that make the caverns. Sometimes you will find hidden items or you may break through the walls and into a new room.

When you are being set upon from all sides it's time to hide. You also have a big yellow helmet which, if you squeeze up really small, you can just about fit underneath. Great for avoiding the unwanted attentions of any nearby vampire. Hidden among the rocks and in the darkest and most inaccessible corners of the rooms are various potions and items that will be of some aid to you. The coloured keys are straightforward: the blue key will open the blue door and so forth. There are potions that allow you to jump to incredible heights or even become invisible for a few seconds. You may also discover a can of oil that will improve the efficiency of your drill.

But everything is not a bed of roses. The residents of the caverns are not very happy with you running around and stealing all their wealth and riches (and quite rightly so). In fact they are so annoyed that they want to kick your head in and knock all your teeth out. On the bottom end of the nastiness scale there are the Rats, Spiders and Snakes who pursue you through the mazes. They have limited movement and are unable to leave the platform on which they began.

Slightly meaner are Killer Wasps and Dragon Flies. They still follow a predictable pattern but they are not restricted to following a single platform. At the top of the ladder are Zombies and Abominable Snowmen. These beasties follow you wherever you go, up ladder and down platform. To escape from them requires some quick thinking and a bit of nifty work with your drill.

As well as the bonus mentioned earlier you may also discover teleport gems. Collect one and you will be transported to a sub-level where your only aim is to boost your score by as much as possible in the allotted time. The cherries and various items of fruit contained within only count as points and serve no other purpose, although you can occasionally discover a potion or two if you are lucky.

When you have cleared a level of all its treasures a door allowing you to progress on to the next section will appear. Each level has its own code so that you can skip already completed levels. To complete the entire game requires quick thinking, agility with a joystick and a devious mind. Some of the puzzles and traps are seemingly unpassable but keep on persevering and you may get lucky.

Platform puzzle game

PP is armed and deadly. His weapon - pneumatic drill. His mission - collect all the coins on the level and find a door to the next stage. Armed and deadly? Ha ha ha. I don't think so. He uses his pneumatic weapon to break the bricks and make a path to other areas. This makes the game less arcade and more puzzle, but it still is a platformer. Run, jump, through the catacombs, and beware of the enemies and traps.

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