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If the CD32 ate Hovis loaves then Roadkill would be the next best thing, or so we reckoned last month, but just in case you A1200 types don't believe us, here's your version Three disks' worth of racing madness without the violent rendered intro, but with just as much fun and great sound.

Somewhere, somehow a race called the Roadkill Challenge has been set up and there's lots of cash at stake. You choose one of six drivers, with names like Hammer, Slam and Cannon (they probably work part-time for Gladiators) and participate in four races, each of which has four individual tracks.

The tracks are viewed from an overhead perspective and are littered with icons like money bonuses, extra armour, tyre traction and missiles. The aim of the game isn't just to be first around the track -although that is still the general idea and you need to get into the top three places to qualify for the next race - you get maximum cash and bonuses by killing as many opponents as possible. This can be done by forcing them into walls and spikes or shooting them with guided and unguided missiles.

Along the way you have to look out for mines, cannons and other cars which in early levels will try to knock you off the road and in later levels will start shooting missiles too. The tracks are not too cluttered but can be difficult negotiate, even though the presence of a positioning radar makes things a bit easier. And as each level brings in new perils and weapons it all starts adding up to a busy and satisfying game, while the sound is just superb too. Metal music introduces the game and continues throughout, while killing opponents, scoring points and picking up power-ups invite wild maniacal shouts which really get the adrenaline pumping.

If you want a brilliant cross between a racing game and a shoot 'em up then download Roadkill.

It isn't an old game, which is based on Overdrive and was released in the same year as the All Terrain Racing. A top viewed racer game, with nice AGA graphics and fast speed. Transparent tracks, scrolling backgrounds, cool.

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