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Things are not looking good. In orbit around Earth is a powerful laser satellite. With just one command it can vapourise an entire city. This deadly weapon is controlled by a group named the Sheltered Ones. By using their money and influence they have managed to distance themselves from the rest of the human race and now intend to take control of the entire planet by using force and terror.

Only one thing can save humanity from this terrible fate. As a relic from mankind's past there are five parts of an ancient Neutron Bomb scattered around. If these pieces could be assembled the bomb could be used to destroy the power-lines that feed the control systems for the hellish satellite. Without these it would be crippled, just left to drift in space.

Command HO: 0915 hours Thankfully you feel remote and safe from the battle that rages all around the command centre in which you are now standing. In front of you intelligence reports from all your spy satellites and scout vehicles are displayed.

To the north your attack on an enemy airbase is about to start but closer to home the situation looks far grimmer. Having noted the departure of a large number of vehicles from your base the enemy has mounted a lightening strike while you have little defence.

A helicopter that waited on the runway is now little more than burning, twisted metal parts. This is causing problems for the fighters which no longer have enough room to get airborne safely.

While mechanics work furiously to prepare craft to defend the base engineers and scientists desperately try to replace the missiles and weapons which are now in short supply.

Development of more powerful ordnance has been stopped to channel all resources into the production of the much needed basic supplies.

1.000 meters above Command Headquarters: 0920 hours A fighter pilot wrestles with the controls of his plane as he tries to bring his weapons to bare on his opponent in a deadly dog fight. For a brief second the computer controlled guidance systems lock-on to a target and a missile is launched. A fireball engulfs the enemy aircraft and it starts a long fall to the ground. The pilot then hunts for another target in a bid to save his base from destruction.

The outskirts of enemy airbase Echo: 0930 hours Hours before a hovercraft patrol had scouted the battle field for enemy movements and now from his vantage point the pilot of a ground attack helicopter scans the horizon for his designated targets. His orders were to clear a path for the advancing tanks and then fall back to support them.

Suddenly the heads-up-display flashes as a target is pickled. A fraction later the ground is torn apart by multiple warhead rockets. Another successful kill.

3,000 meters above airbase Echo: 0930 hours

The pilot of the bomber will not find out the results of his actions until he returns to base and looks at the intelligence reports. The bomblets that he released now fall towards the ground. If luck is on his side, in a few minutes the runways and hangar bays of Echo Base will be reduced to torn and shattered concrete.

Echo Base: 0945 hours The tank rocks violently from the recoil of firing its large calibre gun and just ahead the wall of the enemy command centre caves in. Using the confusion as cover light tanks break through the breach and take control of the large building. Within moments they find their prize, the first component of the Neutron Bomb.

Command Headquarters: 0950 hours

After studying the updated intelligence reports you breathe a sigh of relief. The attack force has been successful in its attempt to capture the Neutron Bomb part. Now they are returning to the base unaware of the battle that rages around it.

Overhead a high explosive cluster bomb detonates and the command centre trembles from the resulting blast.

Will the homecoming heroes have any base at all to return to after it is all over?

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.66 MB).


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