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Sure, you have vehicles and weapons, but not many. The key is to gather resources and factory capacity so that you con build more weapons. There are plenty of factories and mines scattered around, but most are occupied, so your first judgement must be how many units you can afford to spend capturing these mines.

You have a team of scientists to develop new weapons and refine existing ones. When you 'liberate' some territory, more scientists will become available.

These cunning scientists have invented a teleport device with which you can travel vast distances without using any fuel (many vehicles have a limited range). Teleport devices are quite robust and can be carried and left at your destination by a number of vehicles, including bomber aircraft. A useful early mission, then, is to load up your bomber and fly as for into enemy territory as you can. Just before you get taken out, drop the teleport. Then the tanks can move in.

The ultimate goal is to capture and refit a rocket launching site from which to recapture the satellite. To aid you in this, you have many types of vehicle - tanks, hovercraft, helicopters and airships - and piloting each is a game in itself.

All of them have different attributes and ore piloted in different ways. The helicopter can take off and hover, tanks' turrets move independently of the direction they ore travelling, airships ore sluggish. However, the controls ore more or less generic, so it's not like learning a new flight sim every time you step into a new vehicle. Echoes of that Mike Singleton classic Ashes here.

There are four skill levels including a training mode, which is especially useful, because the game can easily be over before you've worked out what's going on.

Perhaps I'm getting old, but to succeed at this game you have to swap between up to six vehicles, blasting, bombing and planning as you go, virtually incessantly - I can only take about 20 minutes without having to sit down with a Valium sandwich. Like the classic Carrier Command, it is demanding.

There are many ways you can play it, though, and each is very satisfying. The filled-3D animation is good, and as a sort of Ashes/Carrier Command/Millennium 2.2 mixture, it's a surprisingly decent game.

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