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This interactive storybook tells the tale of two friendly dinosaurs who are getting ready to go on an exciting camping trip. Gentle dialog and colorful, cartoon graphics set the tone. Each virtual page of the book features a different scene with a number of "hot spots," which children can click to play sounds or make the characters move.

Slater the Petrosaur, protagonist of Sierra's Oil's Well remake, has got himself a buddy in the form of Charlie, another dinosaur of indeterminate species. Together, they visit various locations and undertake various tasks toward the end of enjoying a camping trip in the great outdoors together.

The game is presented as a series of static images, described in text at the bottom of the screen -- then optionally narrated for children whose reading skills aren't yet up to keeping up with the plot. After each description has been read, the illustrations can be interacted with like a pop-up book, numerous hidden hot spots on every page yielding zany + whimsical animations.

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