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Arnhem originally appeared on the Spectrum and was the first of a series of World War II simulations from CCS. Arnhem is remembered as the best of the group and now makes a welcome appearance on the Amiga. Arnhem is a one or two player tactical wargame depicting Operation Market Garden. There were several elements to the battle which have been separated into smaller games. These are: Advance to Eindhoven. Operation Garden, Operation Market and The Bridge To Far. Players can opt to play these battles or opt for the full scale conflict which can last eight to ten hours.

The map contains all the key areas of the battles as well as foliage, rivers and hills. The major towns are linked by roads which provide vital supply lines whether you are playing the allies or the axis. Once you have chosen a scenario you must place units on the map and give them orders. Each unit can be split into smaller groups which makes travel faster although limits its effectiveness in combat. Once the ground assault has taken place, airborne divisions will arrive and must be placed on flat-land areas. They are very vulnerable to land divisions as they are helpless until they land. Once they have reached the ground you can then move them around the map.

The battles comprise of turns. After players have taken their turns the computer calculates any damage. Units not strong enough to withstand an attack will either be destroyed or retreat. Once they have retreated they can never advance. Units are allocated certain attributes such as strength, durability and morale.. If it is too weak it will retreat but if it has a reasonable strength and morale it will move onto the target. As the battle continues new units arrive. Obviously the HQ must be protected and it is necessary to keep a supply line open otherwise the attacking units will be starved of provisions and armour. Once the allotted turns have been used up a battle report is displayed showing how many casualties have been suffered and the eventual outcome. There are many battles to keep your interest though and they will certainly take some winning.

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