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Failing somewhere along the lines of an arcade player's Tank Platoon, Sherman M4 gives you the opportunity to sleep between the metal sheets of a Sherman M4 tank and take command of an attack platoon. I must admit, I was a bit dubious about the arrival of "yet another tank game", however, all fears of the word 'average' were disintegrated in a blaze of cannonfire. Sherman M4 is very cool indeed.

A standard platoon consists of four Sherman tanks and a couple of jeeps if you're lucky. You'd better look after them, because they're the only vehicles you have through the campaigns, which can have anything between five and eight missions. The jeeps are unarmed, and therefore are only really useful for spying on enemy operations. They aren't particularly resilient, so you have to take extra care with them.

The tanks are great fun. Each one can take quite a lot of knocking about, so long as you don't drive them over mines. The graphics aren't the most complex, filled vectors I've seen, but they are some of the fastest. The use of a sprite horizon makes the landscape quite impressive, despite the small offering of landscape features. A few trees, a couple of enemy bunkers and a river here and there seem to be all there is on offer. That said, if I get caught in a clump of trees again, I'll scream.

M4 Sherman is very atmospheric. The relative ease of play means that you can get stuck in immediately, and once you've had your trundle around, blowing up trees and churches with gay abandon, and you begin planning strategies property, wild horses couldn't drag you away. This is an extremely good game. A clear winner for US Gold, and a game worth downloading if you're after a fun strategy game, or a fast 3D blast along the lines of Battlezone.

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