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It's been a long time coming this game. Has it been worth the wait? It's certainly been a while since we had a decent shoot em up and it's welcome tor that reason. A good old fashioned blast can't be rivalled.

You can choose one of three players, all of whom look pretty mean. The format of the game is familiar, but the control method has been designed in a very original way so that you can move around, fire, rotate, and shimmy along all just with a normal joystick. It isn't an easy game and even the first level is taxing with a guardian that takes quite some stick.

The graphics are of Core's usual high standard and the music really pumps out. There isn't the variety of gameplay that was promised when the game was in development, but for fans of the stroll along and shoot things game, then Skeleton Krew is as good as many arcade games. If you do manage to battle your way through to the end, you'll find an annoyingly quick enemy who hides behind a force field and then keeps disappearing. After a lot of lives and a little help from a cheat mode, I managed to dispatch him.

Skeleton Krew is a well executed game that will be much appreciated.

It's 2062 and the DEAD, Inc. (The Deadly Enforcement Aggressive Destruction, Inc.) has unleashed some awful mutants on to the civilians. You've are here to direct the Skeleton Krew, a team of equally mutant-like warriors, to defeat the evil mutant army. There are three Krew members to choose from: Rib, Spine and Joint. You may choose only one. (or two in the two player game) Their task is to simply blast the hell out of everything that gets in the way. It is a very good looking action game, with isometric point of view. Worth to try!

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