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Pushover is no pushover I can tell you, well all right the first ten levels may be, but the other ninety are pretty mean. This brilliantly clever game is all about the domino effect, push one, and the whole lot come tumbling down. The trouble is the dominoes in this game have to be put in such an order as to make them all fall down with just one push. Each screen puzzle has to be solved within a time limit otherwise you cannot progress, but when you do succeed, you win a bonus token which can be handed in for a hint on later levels.

Of course, life is not as simple as pushing normal dominoes. No, these have individual characteristics, some rise up, some tumble, some split or explode. The key is to use the right combination of dominoes to knock over the king pin last. It's all dressed up in gorgeous graphics and cute music, and has the kind of grab playability that all classics are made of. I loved it to death.

Pushover is a little logic game, where the hero is an ant. He has to get through many levels, bringing down some dominos and other stuff. Nice and funny graphics and sounds.

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