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If ever there was a program that could describe the word clone, it has to be Skrull. If you've ever played the game Barbarian by Psygnosis, then you'll certainly recognise this game. The game is totally controlled via the mouse by clicking on various icons shown on the right-hand side of the screen. There are seven different icons in all and each have two uses: one when you click the left mouse button, and a second when you press the right. The standard walk and run are present, along with pick up and drop Attacking people can be done in three different ways, two via the sword icon, and one when you click on the jump icon with the right button. This makes you jump in the air and give a quick slash with your mighty blade. Stop is the last icon, and this, believe it or not, will make you stop if you are walking, or enter somewhere if you press the left button.

A maximum of three objects can be held at one particular time, and these are represented in three different boxes in the bottom left of the screen Most of the objects you find can be picked up and interacted with the scenery in some way, but the occasional item might simply restore your health. Your health is shown as a bar at the bottom of the screen, and as you take damage it will gradually decrease until it runs out, and you die. There are many monsters and nasties waiting to attack you and help you on the road to death, but there are also an ample amount of tricks and traps waiting for you to fall into.

GRAPHICS: Averagely drawn graphics and a bland and boring use of colour. So it's meant to be the gloomy world of Darkness, but did they have to take it so literally.

SOUND: Very few sound effects, that don't exactly do a lot for the game and it wouldn't have hurt to include a few more.

DOUG: This game copies Barbarian so much it's unbelievable. Even down to the controls the game is the same. Admittedly, Skrull has a few little bits of its own, like doors and stairs, but not much else. Skrull is a larger game, and will take a while longer to beat, but for my money I'd go out and buy the Triad compilation game with Barbarian and two other games on it.

STEVE: When you consider that Psygnosis' Barbarian was released two years ago, you would have thought that an upgraded version of the game would feature a few Improvements. However, although Skrull has slightly better gameplay and graphics, the icon system used makes the game very frustrating to play - a major problem when you frantically want to move your character out of harms way. Still, that said, Skrull is far from awful: there is a neat idea behind the dodgy control system and trial-and-error gameplay; it's just not implemented that well.

Skrull is a very old platform like game, where you have to control your barbarian hero, by clicking buttons with the mouse. It's a mix of point'n'click and platform. The game takes place in a dungeon. Not bad, but it's a bit hard to learn the controls.

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