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The Space Ace is back. Unfortunately so is his sworn enemy. Borf. Space Ace II follows on directly from the original with the action starting where you left off. At the end of your previous adventure Borf had been reduced to a baby by his own Infanto Ray (with which he intend to take over the Earth). But your fight against Borf doesn't end there. Just as you think things are over a mob of Goons race towards you and snatch Borf and your beautiful girlfriend Kimberly. The Infanto ray lies mere feet away and before you can react, the Goons reverse the effects of the beam and the big bad guy is back to his normal self. Before you can shout "Holy super nova." Kimberly is gone and the galaxy is threatened again. Being an all round hero type you just had to give chase.


Anybody who has played any of the Don Bluth series (Dragons Lair, Singe's Castle and the original Space Ace) will know the rap for these type of games. The controls are straightforward and simple with graphics and sound of a quality usually reserved for introduction sequences convey the action. This makes the game play like a short animated film that allows you to control the action, although only in a very restricted manner. Read on to find out more...


While the story runs in a cartoon like manner you can manipulate the hero with a joystick. At critical points during a scene you must make Ace react to any danger. Pushing the joystick in one direction will ensure he jumps out of harms way while pressing the fire button will make him use his laser gun. To complete each scene you must either eliminate any monsters or avoid their violent attacks.

Finding the right action for any scene can be a matter of trial and error but watching the animation presented to you often gives hints and tips. You have just three lives to complete the game so you are not allowed many mistakes. Thankfully a save game option is included to make things easier. After finishing each section the animation will continue to the next part. To demonstrate how the gameplay works, the solution to a few scenes during the early part of the game is presented below (but I won't give away too many secrets).


After jumping in your spaceship to pursue the evil Borf you land at his command centre. Immediately you are attacked by a huge yellow monster who swings a great paw at you. Push up with the joystick to run from the gargantuan horror. But you are not safe yet, for almost immediately a pack of wild alien cats ambush you. Pressing the fire button will throw them to the ground just in time for the yellow monster to return to the fray. Push up to spin to face it and fire to blast a shot with your laser pistol.

However, it takes more than a single shot to deal with a terror of this proportions and it will grab you, pulling you towards it with its claw. Shoot again (or it will eat you) causing the creature to be stunned and drop you. Quickly jump to the left to get out of harms way as it crashes to the floor. At last you have made it to the command centre and the end of the scene. You now have automatic security robots and loads of other bad guys to deal with, not to mention the return of the yellow monster. I'll leave you to work out how to deal with them!

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