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I must have the world record for having played the most different versions of Tetris. Every month I get sent at least three of the things, and, to be frank, I can't fathom out why anyone would still want to produce more. It's not like anyone's come up with an exciting new twist in the genre for the past two years.

Take Tetris Pro, for example. There are two main gimmicks in this one. First, tt's got bonus bricks that do such splendid things as turning the playing area upside down, or eliminating all the gaps. Second, every time you form a line a bit of a picture appears. Complete the picture and you've completed that level. In later levels the difficulty is increased by having some blocks already in place, or by requiring you to form two lines simultaneously to reveal the picture.

And It's all very good. Very nicely put together. But hardly staggeringly original. Basically it's still just Tetris. So why should you go for this one as opposed to millions of others available? Er, well, the Bugs Bunny picture isn't bad...

VERDICT: Taken in Isolation it's a darned fine, very addictive game. But It's hardly unique. There are more versions of Tetris around than the human mind can contemplate. And this is another one.

An other remake of the Tetris game. This time it has better graphics, with stone styled bricks. If you complete a level, you get fine pictures as reward.

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