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The first thing that strikes you about this futuristic fight and flight game is its speed. Compared to a flight sim such as F19 or F16 where the scenery scrolls at a fairly reasonable pace, in Thunderstrike your ship, with added turbo boosters, positively scorches across the screen. Even better are the amazing solid 3D graphics and the ship's responsive handling, only let down by the sound department.

You are appearing for a TV show where you have to defend your home base from a whole host of enemy robotic craft. Certain ships leave behind energy pods, turbo boosters and shield enhancers when destroyed, which you can collect by simply flying over them. As it's a TV show the better you perform and the more dramatic your performance is determines marks what type of ship you get in the next round.

One of the main pluses of the game is that the game is very easy to play and get into (unlike many flight sims) and this certainly helps the addiction level. A slick, sophisticated shoot-em-up.

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