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Tiny Troops is more Command and Conquer (but on the Amiga) than it is Cannon Fodder - but it's stolen elements from both of those games and created something that's similar to both without being close enough to be called a clone.

It's all about controlling small squads of, well, tiny troops actually and achieving set objectives (usually destroying the enemy's base) for each of the game's 65 levels. One of the best things about the game is how well paced the levels are in the way they've introduced not only the various weapons (tanks, gliders, grenades and so on) but strategic and tactical elements to the gameplay -like what to do when the only bridge to the enemy base has been blown up. It works so well you just can't help starting another level as soon as you've managed to complete the last.

Each level starts with a small briefing and then the player's usually left to choose the make up of his dozen or so squad members - choosing soldiers that can fire from long range will work wonders on one level where they're going to have cover, for example - before getting down to business. Cleverly, Vulcan have introduced no time limits as such, but there are levels where you're going to have to move fast because the enemy are up to their own thing while you're sat around twiddling your thumbs. Control could be a bit easier -it's the only slightly annoying feature of the game - especially when you're controlling a group of soldiers (you can 'rubber band' troops together by clicking and dragging a square around your selected soldiers) because your troops can find themselves wandering around in completely the wrong places at times. This isn't disastrous if you're keeping your eye on things but it can be a problem if you're somewhere else on the battlefield. A little experimentation allows you to compensate for the clumsiness of this feature and though it's annoying, it's certainly livable with.

This is a highly addictive, playable and fun game - especially in two player mode - that you'll love. Well worth the download.

A new game from Vulcan software, seams to be a mix of cannon fodder and lemmings. You get a fine intro animation, and a playfield with your little troops. Select them, control them, win the game! Not bad!

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