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Flight simulations vary between those that focus on gameplay and those that focus on reality. Tornado is in the later camp. With the time and effort you'll put into mastering this beauty, you might as well have enrolled in the RAF and trained for the real thing.

The publicity claims design input came from real-life Tornado aircrew (probably the guy who made the sandwiches) and BAe. This monster looks and feels as authentic as you'll ever cram onto your Amiga. The reality extends to the dog of a joystick control - which is very jerky and too easy to over-correct. First timers can jump straight into a plane in mid-flight and skim over the realistic terrain, through valleys and over high hills shrouded in mist. It won't be long before red warning lights start blinking, the instrumentation starts beeping, the plane starts shuddering, and you are heading rapidly toward the earth. Why? The only way of succeeding with this game is to plough through the detailed and hefty manual. The experience is worth it.

A very detailed flight simulator, with the Tornado strike fighter. You have many options to set up, a battlefield full of active friendly and enemy air and ground units. A mission editor, etc.

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