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Bushido is a 2D, side view, fighting game. As a skilled martial arts expert, you must face and overcome unending hordes of swarming ninjas and other enemies armed with various types of weaponry such as katanas and throwing stars. You're armed with nothing but your fists and feet but, through years of hard effort, you've trained yourself to use them as deadly weapons.

One solid punch or kick will normally kill a ninja but these opponents are armed with weapons that can also kill you with one hit. Through years of training, you've also developed some of the techniques of the cat and, therefore, have five lives to use before losing the game. Starting from a courtyard, you progress through a series of different background stages as you defeat your enemies.

As a martial arts expert, you can perform acrobatic jumps and rolls to quickly cover distance or evade enemy attacks. Bushido utilizes the keyboard number pad for movement and action. To enter punch or kick mode as opposed to movement mode, you must first press the F2 or F4 keys respectively. Once in these modes, pressing a number pad key causes your character to punch or kick in the appropriate direction. Return to movement mode is accomplished by pressing the F1 or F3 keys.

Bushido is an action fighting game set in feudal Japan - fight a multitude of enemies in a multitude of settings.

I played this game endlessly with my little brother on our state-of-the-art IBM XT. We were hooked by the fluid animations, cool fighting moves, endless enemies, and well-drawn oriental backgrounds. It also has a good mix of indoor and outdoor levels. Try as we might, we could never beat the game at difficulty levels beyond 7 (9 is the hardest). At 7, the only way we could beat the sheer number of enemies was to keep our fingers pressed on the "punch" button :) Definitely a standard-bearer for side-scrolling action games for generations to come.

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