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In this sequel to the original Doom, you play the same hero - the last remaining space marine. After having single-handedly saved Mars from demonic threat, you return to Earth, only to find out that the demons have already invaded it, killed most of its inhabitants or possessed them. It's your task to bring down the force field around the last operational star port to allow the remnants of mankind to escape to the stars.Doom II looks and plays very similarly to its predecessor, utilizing the same 3D graphical engine with 2D sprites for enemies. The game play once again consists entirely of navigating the hero from first-person view through 3D environments and shooting at the demons while attempting to find your way out by flipping switches and looking for keys. Unlike in Doom, which is divided into three episodes, the 30 levels of Doom II (plus the 2 secret levels) form one long episode. Doom II adds one new weapon to the players arsenal; the super shotgun, several new demon types with more advanced attacks than those of the first Doom, such as the chaingun-toting Heavy Weapon Dudes, the skeletal Revenants who launch homing missiles and the sinister Arch-Viles who have a highly damaging fire attack.

Doom 2 is definitely a classic shooter. Following on from Doom, you play the same character on his return to Earth. Of course, returning to Earth, instead of a wonderful party and maybe a medal or two for your heroic efforts you find that somehow the same aliens you fought on the Mars have now overrun Earth. Utilizing everything in your arsenal - 9mm, double-barreled shotgun, laser guns, and yes the infamous chainsaw - you must begin a new battle for Earth.

The gameplay is, again, very good for one of the first shooters. Hardcore fans of the previous games will thoroughly enjoy this one. The game also boasts dozens and dozens of levels, able to keep you occupied for hours of gory fun. The reason I gave this game a low rating is twofold. Firstly, the game just isn't nearly up to par with current shooters or many other great shooters released during the time this game has existed. Secondly, the game has a serious lack of plot. I understand that one of the big reasons this game has such a huge following is due to that simple fact; less plot, more mindless violence. Alas, I personally need a decent plot to keep me coming back to play the game.

In closing, this game can be a lot of fun if you need to get your anger out, or just enjoy some mindless violence. But due to lack of plot, it probably won't keep your attention for too long. So grab your shotguns and chainsaws and get ready for some gore!

Those incredible days in front of the computer playing Doom 2 are very dear to me. One of the first computer games with an amazing multiplayer experience. Doom2 was probably the best game of this sequel. Of course in our days we have doom 3, but doom 2 was the real thing. There where 32 new levels on doom 2 but 2 where secret levels. You could now fight against new creatures and use the amazing double barrel shotgun. You should dowload this old game and enjoy the amazing moments of doom 2. Maybe the best shooting old game ever. Doom 2 download page must be your next page :)

Probably every good gamer played legendary Doom at least once. This game has gained many players and some of them are playing it even today. Graphics is not bad (for that time) although on the other hand it could be a lilttle bit better. Playbility is very good. Doom 2 has no very interesting story. The authors were focused on graphics and weapons. Legend of all action games which shouldn't be missing.

Bigger, badder, and bloodier than the original, this sequel extends the carnage started in Doom. If you like viciously violent, anti-story entertainment (Seagal, anyone?) you'll slaver at the chance to slay new monsters with perfectly robust hardware. Those seeking the ultimate in home demon protection can now protect their plane of existence with a double-barreled, pump-action, combat shotgun that blasts more holes than Mobil Oil.

Among the new monsters included, Mancubus and Arch-Vile rank at the top of the "hope there's nothing behind this door" list. Mancubus is a big droning brute of a cement mixer who hurls balls of fire. Arch-Vile, the ragged edge of a dead man's nightmare, conjures up an evil flame of death and revives dead enemies.

Even with its darkly entertaining firepower and pleasingly grotesque menagerie, the game has its flaws, like an unrelenting and simplistic soundtrack that gets pretty annoying over time. (Don't worry, though, the game's sound effects are as brilliant as they were in the original, and remain one of its best features.) More bothersome, especially for fans of the first game, is that the repetitious action in this nasty and brutish sequel just isn't as addictive as it was in the original hit. Doom II doesn't build the same visceral or emotional connection because it doesn't enhance the original experience in any original way. Compared to Hexen, for example, which broadens the Heretic legend, Doom II adds little substance and no plot to its predecessor (space marine saves earth by killing monsters isn't a plot).

Doom II is a dark, disturbing game. And while it may not bring anything new to the genre, it can create obsession-level loyalty if you tend not to look beyond the barrel of a gun.

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