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In Grand Theft Auto, the player takes the role of a small-time criminal trying to make it big with the mob. Stealing cars, doing jobs for the gangsters and behaving generally anti-social are the way to success.

The action moves through six levels spread over three different cities, each based on a real US city: Liberty City (based on New York City), San Andreas (based on San Francisco) and Vice City (based on Miami). To finish a level, a certain score must be reached. Stealing cars and crashing into traffic, driving over pedestrians and killing cops all raise the score, but the big points are made through jobs. Answering phones or entering special cars brings mission assignments, from simple "ditch-a-hot-car" jobs to supporting bank robberies or carrying out assassinations. Completing a mission will raise the score substantially and also increase the score multiplier, so that completing the next felony will gain even more points.

Criminal behavior comes with a price of course: if policemen witness a crime, the player's wanted level rises. At the lowest level, a single police car might give chase, whereas at the highest level whole car squads hunt the player, the police set up roadblocks and shoot to kill. The only way to evade the cops is to find a respray shop and get a new paint job with new license plates. This costs money which is deducted from the score, however. But even dying or being arrested are not the end. The player has several lives, and ending up in jail simply results in being stripped of all weapons and armor and the score multiplier being lowered.

The entire action is viewed from a top-down perspective, which zooms out while driving a car, for a better overview at high speeds. The cities are many screens large and can be freely explored. Crates are scattered over the cities, which might include weapons (from pistols to rocket launchers), armor or other bonus items: extra lives, police bribes (used to reduce the wanted level to zero) and get-out-of-jail-free cards (used to retain score multiplier and weapons when busted). Dozens of different vehicles are available for the taking, each with unique characteristics: a bus will handle very differently than a sports car.

Yes it is - the one and only Grand Theft Auto by BMG is on the site. If you don't know what GTA is, let me just say that it is the first part of most sold game series in the world. After the initial GTA, 5 more sequels were released.

In GTA you play a small time crook that can either do jobs for the bosses in the underworld or just act kamikaze crazy and kill everyone in sight. In order to complete the game, and advance to larger cities with better opportunities, you have to complete tasks such as robbing cars, blowing up police stations or killing someone. The list is endless.

To complete each level (city) you have to collect a certain amount of points which you get by accomplishing various missions. So, if you want to be quick in completing the game, do the missions. On the other hand, killing a lot of people and stealing cars is much more fun!

Every crook's worst nightmare is being chased by the cops, which you certainly will be if you kill every moving thing. However, this is one of the most fun parts in the game. Stealing a car in front of the cops, followed by a sick car chase is so much fun, you just can't believe it until you have tried it. If stay alive long enough, doing as much harm as you can do, you will end up with the National Guard on your tail.

Now, the best part of the game, which is totally sweet, is the multiplayer option. In the multiplayer death match option you play against the other players, and gather points. The amount of points needed to win can be modified and any city can be chosen. In the death match option you can either just kill innocent people who are taking Sunday walks, or start a "Gang war" against the other player(s). You don't get much more points for killing another player.

The graphic in the game is great. For example, when you make a 180 degrees handbrake turn over a dead body, the brake marks will be red. There are lots of colors which make the game look really alive. There all kinds of different cars that you will encounter. You can steal taxis, fire-trucks, police cars, motorbikes, sport-cars, and so on. The sound effects are really good. Brake sounds and a police-radio hum in the background all the time. The Interface is filled with bad language which is just downright funny. The only downside of the game are the controls which are pretty hard to master. This is mostly due to the bird-perspective view, which is somewhat irritating. That is the only reason why this game got a four out of five mark!

One game anyone should have played. In this game you have to do some missionwork for different gangs in town. Along the way, the missions will be harde to play. The fun part of this game is that you can drive any car in the game. So when you drive around, and you thing your car isn't fast enough? Just get out, 'apprehend' another car, smash the guy out and get in =). But watch out, when things go wrong, the cops may be following you. Gameplay is superb as is the sound and the graphics.

Ever since the first computer game was made, the players were always playing the good guys. The goal was always to save someone or something: a princess, yourself, the world... There has never been a game in which the player was on the wrong side (there were some, but neither is worth mentioning). That is where GTA comes in as a game in which you are not just an average bad boy but a true contestant for a title of the enemy of the state!

GTA lets you be on the wrong side of the law. You are an agressive hijacker, a murderer, a man (or woman) with no morale at all! Your goal - complete quests given to you by the local mafia bosses and earn as much money as possible. To complete those quests you will need a fast method of transportation and is there anything better than a car? Your "hero" can carjack every single vehicle you see on the screen by throwing out the driver and taking over the controls.

The game is viewed from a top-down perspective. You will spend most of the time driving around the city, looking for new missions and completing them. The good thing is that you do not have to be too careful since cars do not belong to you and crashing them (and running over the people!) will earn you points. You can also collect various weapons and use them to fight the police or just about anything else that moves. Of course, it is not always good to be a wise guy and kill everyone you see and get the police after you. Those guys can be quite tough when they attack you in groups!

This highly controversial game is a whole lot of fun. It lets you do things you never had a chance to do in any other game... ever! Highly recommended!

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