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Highway Fighter is a scrolling top-down shooter, where you control a car equipped with advanced weaponry, sent out to destroy a world-threatening criminal organization. Each level is a long, winding road along which the car drives, facing various enemy vehicles coming at him from the opposite direction. Close contact with the edges of the road or with the enemies will result in destruction. The car is equipped with a laser cannon with which to destroy the opponents. There are a couple of pick-ups that can be found on the way: a weapon upgrade, a bonus that allows the car to destroy enemies by running into them, a bomb that instantly clears the screen of enemies, and three types of shields: a rotation shield (it orbits the car and destroys bad guys on contact), a side shield (prevents the car from destruction from the edges of the road) and a forward shield (destroys enemies in front of the car).

Highway Fighter is a very obscure precursor to Highway Hunter, a shareware game from Russia published by Safari and later by Epic MegaGames. Although the game offers the same plot, similar graphics and gameplay - blast various baddies while staying on the road - it has some noticeable differences. First, the weapon/shield/score counter at the bottom of the screen has a different look, and is easier to see. Although unit graphics is almost identical to Highway Hunter, some levels are different. The overall game is also much more difficult than Highway Hunter - so much so, in fact, that it seems as though OIS designed this game primarily for hard-core action gamers, only to "tone down" the difficulty level later before releasing it overseas. Although it remains a very obscure game, Highway Fighter is all in English. So if you like Highway Hunter, you will definitely enjoy this precursor that is much more challenging. I gave up after level three, but I am sure veteran gamers would have no trouble blasting endless enemies. Recommended!

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