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The original Chex Quest came to realization when Ralston Foods offered the now defunct developer Digital Cafe to create a simple game to be bundled with their Chex cereal. Essentially a Doom total conversion of five levels (which was continued with another five in the download-only sequel), it nevertheless found a fan base owing to its non-violent and light-hearted style, resulting in many additional user maps over the years.

The series had not been continued until the former lead artist of Digital Cafe, Charles Jacobi, was intrigued by the fan-made additions to the earlier games and started to create a sequel all by himself.

Chex Quest 3 runs as a stand-alone game on ZDoom engine. Besides sporting the all-new episode in the series, the package also contains the revised versions of the former two (for a total of fifteen maps). The gameplay and core mechanics are derived from the classic Doom games - that is, it consists of exploring pseudo-3D maps through the first-person perspective, battling 'flemoids', searching for keys and solving button-based puzzles for a way out. However, the aural / visual style of the game is distinctly softer than its brethren thanks to the Chex-themed sprites and textures.

This is an unfinished beta version of Chex Quest 3, the last in a series of DOOM-style promotional games included inside selected Chex serial boxes. Read my review of the earlier Chex Quest games if you want to know the backstory and basic gameplay - which isn't dramatically different from DOOM anyway, since it's based on id's engine. Being a beta version, this was never officially released, although the developer put up the game for free download on their website (now defunct), along with the blurb for upcoming Chex Quest 4 that was never finished. The game is complete, though, and there is no bugs as far as I can tell. In addition to the same wacky gameplay from the first two games, Chex Quest 3 includes new weapons such as the double-barreled shotgun a la DOOM 2, and several new monsters. If you like the first two games, you will definitely like this one as well. Otherwise, it's just another average DOOM clone with some humorous touches

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