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In this arcade game you play the role of "Rollo", where the aim of the game is to paint the entire section while evading the "Brush Brothers" in order to progress in the game.


The "painting" process consists of you moving Rollo around the many "square-like" sections in the game (paint-the-lines). Successfully "painting" an entire section will automatically paint the entire square and thus adding points. Successfully painting all the squares will advance you to the next level.

While painting these sections, you have to avoid the Brush Brothers. Physical contact with them will automatically kill one of your lives. Another entity in the game is the "eraser brush" which will erase any painted lines you've previously painted. This however, does not apply to squares you've successfully painted.

Your paint supply however, does not last forever. Pick up cans of paint when you've run out of paint to continue your painting. Another "power-up" enables you to "kill" the Brush Brothers, allowing you to paint in peace until they regenerate again (indicated when the "power-up" song ends).

Higher levels introduces more difficult challenges, among others but not limited to: Faster movement of the Brush Brothers, requiring more than 1 lap to successfully paint a square, limited paint cans, etc.

Rollo and The Brush Brothers is one of the rare games from Windmill Software that are not clones of Atari classics. The object is to maneuver a brush around each side of a screenful of windows in order to paint them, whilst avoiding enemy brushes (i.e. the Brush Brothers). No, really! In any case, the game is a lot of fun and quite original, although it gets difficult very fast. Only expert players need apply, but everyone at least should enjoy this quirky little gem in our WISE games collection.

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