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The first-person alien-blasting is sunny side up in this add-on for Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Carribean: Life's a Beach finds the wise-cracking he-man on vacation in a tropical land of sand and sun. It would truly be paradise -- if it weren't for all the ugly, vicious space monsters that seem to be everywhere. With his trademark, macho nonchalance, Duke sets out to rid the beaches of the alien menace.

The single-player shooting takes place across seven sun-soaked levels (with an eighth bonus level available to Duke fans who can find it). The game's music and sound effects reflect the tropical setting, and even the weirdo alien enemies are dressed for the location, in Hawaiian shirts and clam-diggers. Duke fires off new quips, and might even share his rendition of "Surfin' Safari" if the mood strikes him.

Duke's blaster has been replaced with a Supersoaker-style water rifle, and his heavy artillery now launches coconuts instead of rockets, but the fast action and lighthearted violence will be familiar to fans. There are four new "DukeMatch" areas included as well, for up to eight networked players. This expansion pack requires a full (registered) installation of Duke Nukem 3D.

Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach is an add-on episode for Duke Nukem 3D version 1.3d and up.Ahh... the Caribbean, the ultimate vacation destination. After a few months of alien annihilation, Duke's ready for a little R&R. That is, until the alien scum drop in for a little vacation of their own.The add-on includes 7 new levels plus one secret level as well as 4 extra DukeMatch levels; all with new, tropical background music. The weapons and power-ups are the same, but they have new, beach-themed appearances (squirt guns, coconut launchers, and more!). The aliens, too, are now dressed in beach apparel.

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