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A cutesy horror platformer starring a boy in pyjamas may not sound like the ingredients for an exciting action game, but the 90's were full of strange ideas (usually resulting in a 2D platformer of some kind). Monster Bash sees you in control of a young lad, named Johnny Dash, on a mission to retrieve his kidnapped hound, Tex, from the monsters that lurk under his bed. What awaits you are 28 horror themed levels that feature the usual Halloween suspects, ghoul, ghosts, skeletons, witches and more. This Halloween vibe works extremely well and you will soon find yourself totally committed to exploring the reasonably large levels, looking for all the sweets and treasures. Johnny's weapon, a slingshot that fires rocks, is the hook here. The projectiles can be fired at angles, and can be bounced off walls to hit switches or unlock imprisoned pets from their cages. You even end up on a broomstick at one point, for a spot of Shmup-lite action, adding variety to proceedings. This is classic 90's Apogee platforming at its best and is especially worthy of your time this Halloween.

The evil Count Chuck has kidnapped all the world's animals in order to turn them into soldiers in his dark army. Johnny Dash's dog, Tex, has been captured along with the other animals, and it's up to him to enter the Night World and save him!You use a slingshot to combat the ghastly enemies, which include skeletons, zombies, and severed hands. You can collect power-ups to increase your slingshot's power (only for a limited number of shots, however), candy for bonus points, hearts for health, and Johnny-shaped voodoo dolls for extra lives.On each level, you must find all the animals in cages and shoot the lock on their cages, freeing them. Only then will the exit to the next level open. At the end of each of the three episodes, a boss awaits.

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