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Skull Quest I: The Cyan Sarcophagus is a single player, shareware, dungeon crawl game for DOS.Two hundred years ago the player served Lord Trentarus who was a good man. To ensure his reign continued he had his mages build a sarcophagus out of pure wizidrium. By becoming one with this magical device Lord Trentarus would ensure his continued victories over his enemies for eternity. Thus was the Cyan Sarcophagus, the most powerful magical device ever known, constructed.In addition Lord Trentarus had a large crypt built and he left orders that, upon his death he was to be placed in the sarcophagus and that it and his followers were to be sealed in the crypt. The player takes the role of the soldier charged with the task of sealing the crypt and to guard its doors against grave robbers.All has been well for two centuries but now there is a new threat and it is coming from within the tomb, within the sarcophagus! From somewhere a being, a thing that is neither a neither human nor demon, is using the sarcophagus to try to enter your world. Taking advantage of the weakness in the ethereal plane that exists around all grave sites, it has succeeded in sending some of its minions through. Soon it will attempt to come through itself!The game starts with the player, a skeleton with little memory of who he has been, falling into the crypt. There he learns that many followers have perished or become unstable due to the boredom that the dead must endure. The player must negotiate the labyrinthine crypt, avoiding all the traps that were set for the grave robbers, and defeat the monster and its minions.This game is entirely keyboard controlled.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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