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Back to the Future II is a collection of five arcade and puzzle games.

Based on the second installment of the popular Hollywood series Back to the Future, this movie conversion has Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel through time to stop their arch-rival Biff from changing the future. The game consists of five parts, each inspired by one of the movie's most memorable scenes: Hoverboard Chase: A Paperboy clone without newspapers, but with isometric levels and lots of enemies to dodge. Jennifer Rescue: Guide Marty's girlfriend Jennifer out of the house without her meeting one of the four family members. Open and close doors to make the persons go from one room to the next in this top-down puzzle sequence. Beat Biff: A side-scrolling beat-em-up sequence in the tradition of Double Dragon. Fight your way through a grim 1985 by jumping, hitting and kicking at Biff's lackeys. Band Puzzle: Rearrange the mixed-up parts of an animated picture of the school band in this sliding block puzzle. The clock is ticking. Hoverboard Chase 2: Another hoverboard sequence, similar to the first one, only this time set in 1955.

I'm sure you all know the great movie trilogy Back to the Future. Those were great movies, and a number of games were based upon them. Here's the second game: BttF2.

As you may remember from the movie, Marty is in the future, riding one of those cool hoverboards... You might not find them so cool after you're done with the game, because you'll have to ride them a lot! The level is timed, and if you simply skate you won't be fast enough. That's why you need to grab hold of a car going in your direction. You also need to fight other skaters and avoid the obstacles. Luckily you have some power-ups that restore your energy. You need to pass a few stages and you even get to skate on water (tricky).

Then you'll have to think for a while, because you'll have to open the right doors (and close them in due time) in order to rescue Jennifer - and you do want to rescue her: Police have taken her to her future house and she must get out unnoticed, so lead the family members away from her path. This puzzle part is my favorite, but watch out - it's more difficult than it sounds.

Then it's off to more action again, as you walk along the streets back in the year 1985 (you know, that gambling booklet Marty bought and which caused so much trouble). You need to beat up some guys who don't want you around. In the end you even get to kick the behind of the arch-villain of your family (Biff).

Next up is the sliding block puzzle. You remember the jumbled pictures where you needed to slide the little pieces, so you'd get a clear image? Well that's exactly what you need to do. You need to restore normality while listening to Marty play Johnny B. Goode. It's the picture of the band playing back in the 50s - remember how Marty taught them to play that and Chubby Checker overheard it?

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: more skating. You know the drill. Skate, fight, evade and skate a lot more!

The game doesn't have much to do with the movie, really, because it's just some scenes taken from the story, which don't make much sense on their own (they lack depth). If you're in the mood for a mediocre action game with some thinking involved, just so you can set your mind at ease, then go for it. Otherwise wait until you are in such a mood.

For all who wish to be really successful without practicing hard, here's a cheat you can use: At the screen where you're asked to press "fire" to start the game or R to redefine the keys type "einstein", and the cheating mode will be turned on (you cheater).

Weird game based on the second movie of Back to the Future. You are starting on your skateboard in the future.

A fun game based on the hit Michael J. Fox movie of the same name, Back to The Future II closely follows the movie's plot and is high on the fun factor. The plot picks up where the first Back to The Future movie left off: after finally returning to the present (1985) from the year 2015 on a whirlwind tour of the future, Marty McFly learned, to his horror, that he must go back to the future with Doc again in order to change the course of history in order to avert time paradoxes that puts his own family in peril. In true Image Works / Mirrorsoft fashion, Back to The Future II is a collection of five distinct mini-games that each tell a chapter of the story. If you have seen the movie, you pretty much know what to expect from the next chapter, although there are enough surprises and twists in each to keep things refreshing. The designers obviously went to great lengths to ensure that no two mini-games are alike. The beginning chapter, for instance, is a furious Paperboy-style isometric racing game, in which you control Marty on his trusty Hoverboard in the year 2015, avoiding various obstacles on and off the road. When you gain access to the De Lorean time-travel car, you will be treated to a fun mini-driving simulator that may not be Test Drive, but offers plenty of challenge all its own.

Overall, solid gameplay and homage to the movie makes Back to The Future II a fun game that is a little bit too short, but is entertaining while it lasts. Unlike some Image Works games, it also borders on the easy side, which makes it a good starting point for newcomers to the action genre. Recommended, especially to fans of the movie.

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