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Legend has indeed become something of a legend. "Fab and gripping," chirruped Tim Tucker when he covered its budget re-release in AP26. And. "It'll keep you entertained for months" when, in the same issue, he reviewed Worlds of it. And Tim was right. Legend is a fabulous game, and one of the very, very few RPGs I'd ever consider playing for pleasure (rather than through a selfless sense of duty). And, given that Worlds of Legend is the same game with a different storyline and puzzles, it's hard to see how you could go wrong with it.

It's displayed in isometric 3D. as I'm sure you can see for yourself, which means it's easy to work out where your team of characters is in relation to everything else. To assist your further, a map is drawn as you go along. And, despite having one of the most complex, flexible spell systems ever, despite laying bare all those hit points and things, despite having loads of different objects which you can interact with in all manner of different ways, Worlds of Legend is a game you can almost (almost) pick up and play without ever opening the manual. It really is very accessible. And it looks nice, too, with slick presentation throughout.

But the spell-casting system is the best bit. Rather than simply building up a list of spells as you gain experience, you invent your own spells from a list of basic runes. So you could (to cop out and quote an example from the manual) combine the runes Heal, Antimage, Surround, Paralyse, Continuous, Damage, Missile and Damage to create a spell that heals the caster, gives him immunity from magic, paralyses anything in the surrounding locations, and creates a wall of continuous damage spells which then shoots out missiles containing further damage spells. Phew.

When I used to compile The Last Resort every month (during one of the most miserable periods of my life), I got more letters about Legend and Worlds of Legend than any other game except Monkey Island. And its popularity truly is deserved.

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