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The success of X-Out has ensured yet another alien menace looms over Earth, this time allowing two pilots to participate in the action.

Interestingly the game plays quite differently in one- and two-player modes. In the former there's seven different weapons to collect, each upgradable three times, and once you die you go back to the last restart position. There's also a drone and numerous satellites to collect.

In two-player mode there's only two add-on weapons (inactive until level three), but if you die the game still rolls on until all lives are lost. Whichever way you play, opposition is tough - six lengthy levels with numerous mega-monsters, walkers and high-speed attack formations.

Rainbow Arts' five-stage blaster nicks ideas from virtually every shoot 'em up ever released, but combines Rainbow Arts' typical polish and presentation with utterly addictive gameplay, raising it above the competition. It's back to the R-Type-style gameplay, as the levels unveil their Gigeresque aliens and underwater creatures, with all the usual beam weapons and missiles you'd expect to see. However, whereas R-Type stuck to one pattern, by borrowing ideas from other blasters, larger space ships appear and must be blasted bit by bit, and the enemy attack waves attack in manners more accustomed to the likes of Xenon II and Scramble. Add to this some of the most breath-taking graphics the Amiga has seen, and it is the final cherry on an already succulent cake. Everything about Z-Out is brilliant: it's fast, it's graphically superb, download it today and do yourself a favour.

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