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CodeMasters' evergreen favourite fatso Dizzy makes a welcome return to the Amiga budget games scene. This time our rotund hero finds himself underwater and wanting to get to the surface. Being not the best shape for swimming he finds this far too much hassle and instead relies on the bubbles of air that rise up from the sea bed to float him up top-side.

This would be relatively simple but for Dizzy's great love of pearls (it is for this reason that he finds himself in this submarine situation), and these are just too much of a temptation. He gets into all sorts of trouble with octopi, electric eels and jellyfish in trying to get them and is in grave danger of running out of air! Can you deal with these and other problems to save the day?

This is a great fun game that should amuse you for a fair while. Cheap at half the price!

Nice platform game, where you have to control the eggman Dizzy, and help him to find out the way up from the deep sea. Only one floppy, also was a big hit on Commodore 64.

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