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The sequel to SSI's highly-regarded Champions Of Krynn, Death Knights brings the fantastical world of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons to life. Set in the Dragonlance universe, the game opens with the player invited to celebrate their victory in the first game. As the partying begins, news reaches the village regarding a proposed attack by the vile Lord Soth and his ranks of undead minions. Thus, party temporarily postponed, the battle to defeat Soth begins.

The game drops the player straight in at the deep end or, to be more precise, the Gargath Outpost. It is here that most of the ensuing battles will be fought, and from the safety of the Commander's Office, specific orders can be given. Within this area lurk a number of strange characters, including the man-eating Dread Wolf who will let you get to grips with Death Knights many spells. However, because everything is set within this area, there's a lot of needless treking back to the office for fresh orders -and this is just a waste of time.

Death Knights features the usual wealth of banks and taverns where money, gossip or recruits can be collected and temples where wounds can be healed - for a small fee of course.

For the all-important battle scenes, complex strategies and bluffs can be made by switching players and positions using the mouse. Therefore, characters of better experience can be placed upfront and the weaker taken from harm's way. Even so, despite the beginner's level, Death Knights of Krynn may still be a little over the heads of new AD&D recruits. The abilities of key groups vary, too, with Knights and Rangers particularly effective during hand-to-hand battles, whilst the Clerics and Mages fall back with their spells and potions.

Death Knights is a massive game with a series of enjoyable and deep quests. Although most AD&D games suffer from relatively poor graphics when compared to the likes of Eye of the Beholder and Chaos Strikes Back, many of the locations especially drab and this reduces the atmosphere immensely. In all, a game for wise and cunning AD&D fanatics.

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