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Producing a worthwhile computer game based on a very worthless subject is a tough goal to aim for but Gremlin haven't gone for the obvious options of making a straight forward adventure based on the script of the film or some form of basic arcade/platform affair that features the films main characters. Instead they have opted to write something that keeps the spirit of the movie alive without sinking to its level of ineptness.

You are a private investigator and the game begins with you in a mooting with a dodgy director. He has hired you to travel around the world searching for the reels of film that when combined make up the Plan Nine movie. As you discover the various sections of the film and splice them together you must return them to your employer before continuing.


There are 70 locations that must be visited and explored. Each one contains hints and objects that will take you a little further to completing your quest. You will find yourself in cinemas, graveyards, cafes and buildings sites to name just a few. Yellow taxis provide you with short range travel to all those important places while aeroplanes expand the play area to cover entire continents spanning most of the globe. In addition, there is a film editing room somewhere within the game. This enables you to set up your reels of film, splice them together and edit them to create the missing movie. Several minutes of actual footage has been digitised and is featured at various points during the game.


Unlike a standard adventure where you actually control a character that walks around the screen (in a similar way to the Larry games and Indiana Jones), Gremlin have gone for a control method more akin to the Dynamix adventures such as Heart of China and Rise of the Dragon. As you enter a location you will be presented with a high quality graphic illustration of the surrounding. Everything you need to touch, manipulate or interact with is depicted and by using the mouse you can move the pointer onto the object or character that interests you. Clicking will reveal its hidden qualities (if any) and allow you to pick certain items up and examine them more closely. As with the majority of adventures, you must take a good look at everything that you find as in some cases what seems to be the most innocent object can hide an essential clue.


Your most valuable source of information and clues that will lead you to the missing film will be the other characters that you meet in the game. Interacting with them is performed by using a multiple choice menu system. The other person will indulge in banter with you and you will have to select a suitable reply from the options that are given.


By selecting certain replies you can push the conversation in the direction you wish to move but you must also be careful not to annoy or irritate the person you are speaking with as they won't provide you with the required information. Assuming you have been tactful yet inquisitive enough you will be given a clue or some other bonus object to help you on your quest.

Successful completion of the game will provide you with a reward sequence designed to impress and amaze. A whole wealth of movie memorabilia is buried within the gameplay, however you do not have to utilise it in order to complete the adventure. There are plentiful rewards for all the B-grade movie buffs among you all along the path from start to finish.

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