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Er, wow? Hmm, what about a zowie? Now this is one Rolex Oyster of a game (that means good to people not as rich as me). FW seriously rivals Silkworm as the greatest Amiga arcade version to date.

For a reference point of view, Nick 'RIP' Kelly awarded the original an arcade star back in the August issue, and well deserved it was too. The concept was a simple, two-player, horizontal scrolly shoot 'em up. The execution however was faultless. Great back drops, squillions of original aliens and a fantastic tune.

Rooting through my Japanese to Cockney phrase book, the plot dictates that a nutty Japanese god has created several other nasty demigods. Seeing as they're so nasty they decided to decimate all the cities they could find. It's here that I get confused, the lub-a-ducks have a run in with the yin yans and come off the worst. Somehow these two guys have been thrust into existence armed with the latest anti-anything weaponary (fully expandable and probably made by Sony). Only in Japan ...

The hardware sprockets can only be upgraded at one of the mysterious shops (I say mysterious because when was the last time you saw Fortnum and Masons rise out of the ground?). Inside you can spend as many credits as you've collected on such lovelies as twin-fire lasers, napalm, gold neck chains, first aid packs and so on until you've armed up heavier than an Oliver North convoy.

Each level is long, and I mean from here to the Middle East. All the way through you face a constant barrage from all angles, jet packed troopers, human missile silos - and that's just for starters. And of course the (here we go again) end-of-level mega foe.

Arc (the programming team) have done one helluva great job on Forgotten Worlds, the graphics are really arcade quality (no joshing mum) and so is the sound. And what's more it ony costs the equivalent of 99.999 games on the arcade machine as opposed to 15,000 for the for the thing itself.

This is the sort of game that goes down phenomenally well over in the office, a two player mode, fast, addictive and good looking, and as Nigel Taylor our northern ad manager would say 'Hadaway I'd gie ya ma bes' racin' pigeon far tha' 'un'. For CU's NT to say that it must be good. So go to your local computer shop, part with twenty sovs and thank me in the morning.

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