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This is a fine game of a particularly ludicrous conception. The Grand Monster Slam is a game like no other. You have a number of small, furry round tribble-like creatures and the idea is to kick them down to the other end of the pitch, where your opponent stands. He, or she, of course is trying to do the same thing, whilst also indulging in a spot of bodyline by kicking them at you to knock you over. This slows you down.

It might look simple, but it isn't easy. As soon as you've knocked a couple down, your opponent is punting them back. If you're hapless enough to land a ball or two into the crowd, a penalty is awarded against you. The penalty feature is what saves the game from being the most basic and repetitive of outings A duck appears from a suspended rope and confers with you (if the penalty is in your favour) as to which direction the shot should go. You then pick the bird up and loft him to the other end of the ground by putting a boot up his DA. where if he's successful, he does a little dance.

Little touches like this save Monster Slam from the banal. A fun game, with fine music and graphics, but not one whose appeal you should expect to last.

An odd sports game in the traditions of dodgeball and kick ball. You must kick all the soccer like balls on your side to the opposite side, in the process hitting the other teams players. If you knock them down, and run to the center, you win. The game featured bonus levels, varied levels of opponents and a league.

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