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Anyone involved in the world of Harley-Davidson motorcycles will undoubtedly be familiar with the biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Like the Beetle owners' 'Bug Jam', the Sturgis rally is the place to be once a year for riders of these much-revered two-wheeled machines.

In Mindscape's licence, you play a rider based in Maine who only has ten days to reach Sturgis. Belting down the highway at full pelt is not the way to do it, though - this way you will either come a cropper on a pothole or two and end up in hospital, or get picked up by the police for speeding! A couple of bad things that it is best to make sure you avoid.

There are regular stops on the way that will allow you to buy some extra kit for your bike, some clothes or even have a tattoo. If you feel up to it, you can take part in a special event. Take care on the way, be a helpful soul and pick up hitch-hikers if you want, but get to Sturgis on time - the festivities are waiting!


The presentation of Harley-Davidson is pretty nifty, with some nice digitised pics and location shots, but the actual road sections are not that exciting. The perspective 3D road effect is fair enough, but the sprites are a little limited and are only adequately animated. The sound, too, is a shade weak and could do with perking up.


Even though there is a long way to go and the events are fun, the actual road-driving that takes up most of the game is pretty repetitive and uninspiring. The feel of a trek on the open road astride a powerful machine doesn't quite reach its full potential and could bore casual bike fans after only a couple of days.


The chance to ride a classic bike across the United States is a romantic and appealing thought, isn't it? Unfortunately, despite its slick presentation and humour (using biker slang at every opportunity), The Road to Sturgis hardly captures the feel at all. What we have is a basic 3D driving game that has a few extra elements thrown in. The special events are worth playing for, and maybe just to dream of doing the run to Sturgis for real will attract some gamers, but ultimately, most Harley fans will find themselves unfulfilled, end up ignoring the conversion and stick to the open road with the real thing.

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