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Final Fight made a great impact on the arcade scene, with superior graphics and gameplay as well as an option to participate in three player action. Now, after the long wait, the Amiga conversion has finally arrived.

The game is set in the not-so distant future where drugs and gang warfare are rife. The police cannot control the action and the past mayors of Metro City were all bribed by drug barons so little was done to dispel the evil. The story starts with a new mayor just stepping into office. No sooner has Haggar, as he is known, settled behind his new desk his computer screen flickers into life. A green figure appears, grimacing and laughing. Because Haggar will not be bribed the character on the screen tells him his daughter, Jessica, has been kidnapped by the Mad Gears. Haggar is furious and promises the gang will pay for their crimes.

Haggar gets together with Jessica's boyfriend Cody and her best friend Guy. Together, the three of them set off to rescue her and destroy the Mad Gear gang once and for all Haggar is a retired wrestler. Cody and Guy are both highly accomplished martial artists so the journey ahead should not be too much of a problem.

Only two players can fight on the screen at once. If one of these dies then the third character steps in under the control of one of the two players. The energy of each player's character is displayed at the top of the screen as well as remaining lives and the time limit. The energy bar is indicated by several boxes. When hit, one of the energy boxes disappears.

Final Fight is split into 19 different levels set within Metro City. Each one has different enemies and backdrops. The first is The Street. This is the beginning of their rescue mission and they must fight their way through barricades of trash and the dirty streets until they reach the stairs at the end.

From the stairs the heroes reach the warehouse which is situated under the ground. It is filled with boxes and crates and is dimly lit by flickering tubes. Once the guys have beaten their way through this level they must climb the exit stairs which lead the the train station.

Haggar, Guy and Cody know that they must wait for the train to their next location but they are constantly wary of attack. Just as the train is pulling in several large head chargers pile out of the ticket booth and run at the rescuers. Cody leaps into air and performs a whirlwind kick which knocks the head charger flat on his back. Haggar picks up a knife and jabs it into another's chest.

Eventually they enter the train, where more evil gang members are waiting. Once these are finished off, the players must guide their characters through a dark and dripping wet tunnel.

In between each stage there is a bonus section. In the first, players must totally wreck a car that has been left outside a shop. Using bars, fists and feet they must take the car apart piece by piece before the time runs out. The second bonus stage requires the characters to walk through a glass factory smashing the panes that hang suspended from the ceiling. Once again, this must be completed against a time limit.

Eventually the players will reach the last room. Here Jessica is being held prisoner by the evil gang lord who looks pretty defenceless sitting in a wheelchair. However, the chair is armed with a powerful harpoon gun. Will the guys succeed in rescuing the gal, or will they end up as whale meat?

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.79 MB).


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