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This is the stuff that all adventure games should be made of. Great animation, great graphics, brilliant music, quick screen loading and a fast moving story, with plenty of puzzles. The only disappointments are that it is too short by far, and the puzzles are not really very tough. The game is pretty linear and will not let you stray very far off track Based on the Steven Spielberg film, you play Peter Banning, father of two kids and a respectable, married man, who finds out that when he was a kid he was Peter Pan! Worse! Hook is out in Never Land still looking to get even, and has kidnapped the kids as bait to get Pan back for a fight to the death.

Tinkerbell is around to help you, but I don't think you'll need her help too much. Shades of Monkey Island are dominant throughout the game, both in the scripting and the graphics which can't be bad, and the whole thing is icon driven with the simplest of ease. Youngsters will love it, whilst seasoned adventurers will get through it all in about two hours. But what a fun two hours!

Captain Hook's advanture. An ordinary "click and use" adventure game, similar to Monkey Island, but it has weaker graphics.

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