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The future is bleak. We are doomed to live in a world where terrorists rule the seas and skies, killing anyone who dares to enter their domain. But there are a select few that dare to trespass on such dangerous ground. These are the group of men that courier special top-secret packages from government to government, battling the many forces that assail them - the forces of the Shadow. The best of these men is feared by even the Shadow himself. No one knows his real name, but some know him by his code-name - Hydra.

In Hydra it is up to you to control your high-tech Hydracraft through the barren waters guarded by the Shadow's men. In each of the game's nine missions you have to take a certain special cargo to a secret destination. These cargoes can range from deadly mutant virus strains to the Queen's Crown Jewels. But even though the Shadow's forces are out to get you they will not be your main enemy - that is on board with you. Your Hydra craft will drink a lot of fuel as you make your way through each level, and if you run out of it, that will be the end of the game.

Your Hydracraft is equipped with a machine gun at the front that can quite effectively take out the enemy. However, this machine gun is not the only thing you've got tucked in your belt. The Hydracraft has also got a number of special weapons. The Uzi is the one that is used most and will send out a stream of bullets from either side of your craft. You've also got a couple of Nukes, each capable, for a few seconds, of destroying everything that enters the screen.

You can buy more special items in a handy shop at the end of each level, but to do this you have to collect the money. There are two ways of achieving this. The first is quite easy: As you race to get your cargo to its destination you will see a number of balloons scattered about, each with a bag of money tied to the bottom. Collecting these will give a small amount of cash to add to your savings. However, some of these balloons are up in the air, but by using a booster you can take off and collect the floating goodies.

The second way is in the bonus stages. These contain any of the Shadow's men, but they do contain loads of money and fuel. You can really make a mint in a bonus stage, and you'll need to if you're going to buy anything in the shop. Fortunately at the beginning of each mission you have the choice of being able to advance three levels, saving you having to play through the same old levels over and over again. But take care because these later levels are pretty tough.

A fine designed arcade game from Domark. You control your boat and have to ride over the river and blast the enemies. Similar perspective to Lotus and JaguarXJ220.

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