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The fiendishly clever Elvin Atombender is on the rampage and out to destroy the world. As the special agent returning from the C64-only original, you especially wish to stop Atombender as you are rather fond of planet Earth. However, in Impossible Mission II there's a nigh-on impregnable fortress to make your way around, and the object of the game is to collect and assemble the three-digit pass codes to gain access to Elvin's tower. Once inside, several musical sequences have to be collected.

Finding your way around the fortress is great fun. Where would you be without your trusty pocket computer? It's an invaluable device as it helps to assemble passcodes that lets you move from tower to tower. A built-in tape recorder will put the musical sequence you need to get into Elvin tower. The robots that patrol the area are loyal and dedicated to their work. They range from bots which crawl around laying booby traps, to the self-explanatory Suicidebots.

All of the agent's moves are superbly animated, and he can take small steps, somersault and balance precariously, which allows him to perform certain actions others in the genre don't allow. The graphics are a treat with pretty hues of pink and purple providing the backdrops plus the complex network of corridors and rooms to explore. In all. Impossible Mission II isn't as good as its predecessor, but is still playable platform fare that represents excellent value.

2nd episode of the well known game from C64. You have 8 hours to prevent Elvin, a psychotic genius from destroying the world. Enter the tower fortress, avoid Elvin's evil robots, assemble security combinations for each tower, recover musical sequences and tie them together into a full melody to reach Elvin's central control room. Unfortunately the Amiga version is poor in graphics and sound compared with the C64.

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