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Subtitled 'The Temple of Flying Saucers' this game has more than your average scenario. It has a whole world built around it: a world which has become divided since The Burn, a world in which Protozorqs and Normals share an uneasy coexistence and where PSI-mutant Normals, Tuners, are despised by everyone.

The Protozorqs are a primitive but powerful race. They worship hideous Gods who, they believe, will save them from their miserable lives of shame and guilt. The Normals are weak and are subject to the discreet rule of a group of Tuners know as the Netwerk. Recently, the Protozorqs have become blood-crazed. They believe their God, Zorq, is about to return and have set about destroying as many Normals as they can get their Zapsticks on. It's during one of these fights that you - a young Tuner called Raven - see your girlfriend, Sci Fi, taken by the Protozorqs to their temple.

This is where the icon-driven adventure cum puzzle game starts. You've become an Aspirant, a Normal who must undertake five tasks and receive a skull for completing each, in order to become a Divo, a messenger of Zorq. This status gives you access to the second level of the temple where you think Sci Fi is being held. Controlling your actions involves moving the cursor around the screen until it changes to red on an object or doorway indicating that you can interact with it. Click the mouse button and a representation of your brain appears with various thought nodes surrounding it. Point to the nodes and decide which action you'd like to take. For example, click on something in your possession, say a goblet, and your thoughts will be: fill goblet, empty, put down, put in, throw, throw away, give or inspect. Select an option you think is best (put in, for example) and then move the mouse pointer to the area of the screen you think appropriate (perhaps that statue's open mouth?)

Suppose you decide to undertake the tasks - bursting out to the second level can prove tough because the place is swarming with Protozorq guards who are Zapstick happy - you'll soon find that you need an object to complete each one. The goblet is required to solve the room know as The Twins, and once solved you receive a skull which you can take to the Trader. Give him the skull and you get a chance to change your object (or another you need, but only if you can beat him at a game of 'find the lady.' Fail and the problems start. How are you going to solve The Wall room without the dagger? Simple, you can't. Your only hope is to find another Aspirant - there are several wandering around - and either trade items or mug him.

There is however, at least one room that can be solved without an object (you're a Tuner, remember, so you do have some special PSI powers you can call on from time to time) and you can come out of it with a skull and an obiect to trade, so don't despair. Suppose you solve all five rooms, become a Divo and are allowed access to the second level, you'll find your problems only just beginning as you try to solve yet more, and not so obvious, puzzles in rooms and avoid ending up as a sacrifice to temporary god Delios.

A great plot, good gameplay, mean puzzles which can all be solved logically plus the simple but effective game structure and a massive game task all add up to make Kult a superb game.

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