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Cities throughout the galaxy have been overrun by the Anarchists, a riotous crowd who use a variety of fashionable aircraft. There's nothing they like better than hiding car keys, putting glue on toilet seats and using their gravity-distorting devices to make bread fall buttered side down. And now, as disaster forms around them, they're stealing the life capsules that contain escaping VIPs.

You've been given the task of saving the capsules and blowing the Anarchists into small, manageable pieces. The cities are shown side-on, scrolling left and right - a radar display indicates the positions of ships and capsules. The various Anarchist craft - Stealers, Homers, Darters etc - are blasted with a laser and sometimes release a lettered token. When collected, they give weapons such as sideshots, force-field and outrider cannon.

Fine Defender clones are a rarity on the Amiga, in fact Datastorm is the only one that immediately springs to mind. Anarchy from Psygnosis is the only other notable offering. It takes the bare bones of Defender and adds numerous features, including a host of weapon power-ups and screen after screen of vaned aliens.

The aim of any Defender clone is to police the canisters at the foot of the screen, the contents of which is irrelevant, but the safety is of utmost importance. The swarming aliens dominating the upper portion of the parallax playfield attempt to destroy the canisters, so you must quell this problem by wiping them out.

Being a Defender clone, the speed at which all this happens is relentless. Even in times of anarchy, the screen update and the playability is never beyond doubt. Defender fans, miss it at your peril.

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