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When Domark decided to go up, up and away, it opted to side with the Russians. With MicroProse fighting for Uncle Sam, with the likes of Ocean and EA at their side, the Putney boys plumped for Soviet MiG 29s - and it wasn't a bad choice. Most flight sims are much-of-a-muchness. There's only so many flaps to be wiggled before a game becomes swamped and over complex, and it normally falls to the scenario and missions to save the day. However whilst MiG may indeed try something different by siding with the Ivans, the gameplay and missions are nothing we haven't seen before.

In terms of screen update and polygons, MiG's OK. The backdrops are a little sparse, and the screen often slows down if things get a little hectic, but the usual array of views and frills are there - just a little bit dated now. And there lies the crux of MiG's problem, M'lud: it doesn't break any new ground. Whenever Microprose unleashes a new sim, you can bank on it being really fast or really detailed. MiG is neither. It's a little too complex to be a Thunderhawk-style blast, and there aren't enough keys to take it into F-19's league.

Sim buffs aren't exactly strapped for decent games. Most of Micro-Prose's back catalogue has started appearing in cut-price forms, and Core's Thunderhawk is an excellent buy at a tenner. As such, MiG suffers from the same problems it had as a full-price title, and will probably be just as ignored this time. Ocean's budget label has thrown up some excellent rereleases in the last few months, but MiG-29 is as outdated as the plane it's based on.

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