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Robocop meets James Bond in this horizontal/into the screen shoot 'em up. Drug barons are holed up in an island headquarters and you must lead three squads of Narcotics Police (Narcos to their chums) in an attempt to flush them out and then flush them away. Since the drug dealers have invested 500 million dollars in their security, they are unlikely to be impressed by a copper with a truncheon and a prewar Webley. Fortunately, you have a selection of weaponry that would be the envy of many modern armies.

As well as great firepower, success demands more than a tadge of strategic ability. There are five tunnels leading into the centre of the island but you command only three units of police. So as well as selecting each unit's equipment, you must decide which tunnel each unit will use to launch its attack.

Once in the tunnels all hell breaks loose. Enemies, machine gun posts and large mechanic doobries lie behind every corner waiting to be blasted. You'll need to plug into computer terminals to help find your way through the tunnels and not just run round in circles like certain navigationally unsound ZERO reviewers.

The graphics are on the jerky side and the main sprite's joystick response is occasionally sluggish. More seriously, it is less than easy to aim at targets, the best tactic being all-round blasting. However, the main character sprite's animation is fairly realistic and the graphics are colourfully attractive. Like many Dinamic games, Narco Cop verges a bit on the difficult side, though this is not necessarily a bad thing. It's exciting and atmospheric -and that's certainly a good thing.

In this action game, you control a commando team, who are fighting against narco bandits. You have to enter the secret base and shoot every bad guy with your gun. The perspective is a 3D moving, tunnel fighting game. Before the mission you can choose the position of your team members and arm every of them with wide range of weapons.

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