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The music was loud in the intergalactic bar, almost too loud to hear yourself think. But this suited the people who hung out at this seedy joint. Each of them could tell you a story, and all of them thought that they'd had the hardest time in life. Now they simply lived because they didn't have the enthusiasm to end it all. All that was left for them was a drink. But one lone figure who sat on a stool at the bar had a particularly bad story. One that had started with him in the limelight and ended with him in this very bar as a drunk. The name was Pogo, and he was the one who had saved the Life Towers from the clutches of the Evil Uncle, the most hated criminal in the galaxy.

But then a new figure entered the bar - a Jewal. The Jewals were an ancient race renowned for their intelligence. What could one of them be doing in the bar? He made his way over to Pogo and everyone stared as the once famous alien turned white at the sight of the stranger. Pogo knew the face - it was his ex-boss and owner of the Life Towers.

"The uncle is back", the Jewal said. "He's taken control of the Towers again and is blackmailing the citizens of the planet for extortionate amounts of money". "So what do you want me to do. The last time I went on one of your life saving missions I came out with both my arms missing!", Pogo replied rather resentfully. "If you save us this time, Pogo, we'll equip you with cybernetic arms and all the wealth you can possibly imagine!", was the reply.

A thoughtful expression passed over the alien's face, and he thought of the fame he once had. And besides what did he have to lose except for a bar tab as long as your arm (it couldn't exactly be as long as his)? He rose from his stool and headed for the door, but stopped just short and turned. "I'll be back", he said in a slightly German accent similar to that used in a old cult movie, and then left for the Life Towers, and fame once again.

Nebulus plays virtually identical to the original, but of course with tons of new extras to make the game even better than the first, so for those of you who haven't experienced the first one (how could you miss such a brilliant game) this will be some treat. But for those newcomers here's the basic idea of the game.

You play Pogo who, with the aid of some helpful items, has to make his way from the bottom to the top of the various life towers. A selection of monsters and traps are positioned on the way to try and stop you, but you can dispose of them with a few shots of your bubble breath.

When you are assaulted by a bad guy Pogo will tumble from where he is standing and fall until he hits the next platform. If Pogo is too low he will land in the sea and not being able to swim he will loose one of his lives. Once at the top you will enter a bonus stage where you can get extra time and points. Then off you stroll to make your way back down the tower repairing at least 80% as you go. Do this to all the towers to complete your mission. Easy!


Do you remember the times when you could go to the cinema, buy two of each confectionery they had, watch all the films as many times as you liked and still have change left out of threepence? Well, the old days we're talking about aren't quite that far back but to any veteran games player out there they should bring back some fond memories.

Nebulus was first a hit on the C64 quite a few years back, but this is not where the cute little Pogo originates from. He first became famous in a game called Gribley's Day Out in which he had to save little Griblies and do battle with an evil spider. From there he hit the margins in Zzap 64 (how the mighty fall) with Rockford from Boulderdash. These two were used in a type of comic strip which greatly boosted the humour of the mag.

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