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Satan is a very nasty type of guy. You've probably heard of him. You know the one, horns, red skin and lots of flames. Lives down under. No, not Australia. Hell (is there a difference?). Well, now you know who I'm talking about I shall proceed. The big guy from the Halls of Damnation has deckled to cause a bit of trouble up here in the real world. It's his job. This time he has gone for something bigger than usual. Fed up with the run of the mill disasters (things like making you fart on a crowded train) he has decided it's about time for something cataclysmic.

Travelling the five planes of existence he has shattered the magical crystals which hold the souls of Death. Nature. War and Fate. Without them to keep the forces of magic in balance chaos will take over the mortal world. Terrible catastrophes will bring normal life to a stop. Earthquakes will destroy cities, floods will kill millions and worst of all. Neighbours will be cancelled! However, all is not lost. There is a hero who can save the world. A brave warrior who is prepared to take on the forces of darkness single handed (with both feet tied behind his back). Flying on the back of his faithful companion, Pegasus, he takes to the skies killing the creatures of the night. I bet you can't guess who this brave warrior is?

Pegasus is set over five levels, one for each of the crystals and a final level in Hell. You must proceed through the stages destroying Satan's minions as you go. Also scattered around the levels are fragments of the crystals. To complete the game you must collect all the fragments of all four crystals. Each level is further split into ten stages. The first five are the flying sequences with your pal the Pegasus. The second five are slightly different. They allow your chum to have a rest for a few moments you dismount to explore on foot. You run, jump and fight your way across the land.

Creatures attack from the air and land. They come in varying sizes and powers (as most respectable nasties do) and some take more shots to eliminate than others. The smaller minions can be dealt with easily, just a couple of daggers will do the job. The larger, man eating creatures require a lengthy bout of blasting with spears and crossbows. At the end of each level is a Guardian (had to be really). These larger than life bad guys are harder to kill than the average monster. Many are invulnerable apart from having a few weak spots. Jump around the screen and blast away. You must experiment with your tactics to find the best method to eliminate them.

No one can be expected to go up against these overwhelming odds without some help. Whenever you destroy a wave of monsters they will sometimes reveal shards of the crystals. Some, however, turn into power up icons that will boost your abilities once collected. Extra missiles will fly out in all directions. Extra strength in the form of spears and crossbows boost your killing ability. Out riders appear in the form of small familiars that follow your every move, blasting anything close-by. Finally smart bombs can be collected that will destroy anything on the screen. Just tap the space bar and cackle your best evil laugh as they a go up in a puff of smoke.

As you near the end of your quest to restore peace and harmony to the world you will meet your biggest challenge so far. A terror so horrific I dare not utter his name for fear of causing a heart attack among the weaker readers. The greater Demon of Hell, the Prince of Darkness, SATAN. Oh bugger, I've done it now. Just pretend I didn't say that and go and have a nice lie down. You'll feel much better, believe me!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (3.90 MB).


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