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East meets West in the fight against drugs. Based on the film of the same name (obviously), Arnie plays a Russian agent who has to hunt down a Soviet drugs dealer. Additionally, though, he must also face the Cleanheads gang, the most nefarious of Chicago's underworld. There are four levels of action, including a series of very strange settings. The Russian sauna level has Arnie punching out various men clad in only a handkerchief to hide his modesty. The mountain of muscle has his work cut out for him as not only has he to contend with several opponents at once, but there are also falling rocks in the building - but don't ask me why! The gameplay has a fairly high difficulty level. We all know now tough Arnie is, but can he really beat up eight hoodlums? The action hots up, or perhaps it should be cools down when Arnold steps outside the sauna into a blizzard? Our intrepid hero has to contend with vicious snowmen and snowballs as large as himself. As a fitting prize, Arnie rewards himself with some clothes and a gun. Suitably appareled, he sets out for Chicago to teach those naughty drug barons a lesson. The graphics in Red Heat have an effective cinematic feel, with the action scrolling along at a pacy rate. Schwarzenegger looks as muscle clad as he does in his films, so everybody should be happy. Not much brain work needed here, just strike first and ask questions later. Red Heat will appeal to those looking for a beat 'em up with a mean right hook, but not much else.

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