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This is normally the place you'd come to find out what Assassin's plot is, right? If so then I'm afraid you're going to be a little disappointed because, to be honest, there really isn't much of one to relate. Team 17 obviously realise (as they did with Project-X) that most games players don't need - or want - a lot of verbose bumf to read before they play an arcade game. Oh no, they just want to get straight in there and start killing things. "But the plot helps build atmosphere!" I hear you cry. Well, in my opinion if a game is good it should be able to build atmosphere on it's own without the aid of some price-inflating novella.

The story (what there is of it) tells of the evil villain Midan who's holed up is his high-tech underground fortress, guarded by legions of crack mercenary types. A full frontal assault would, of course, be pointless so the forces of good send in a single man to penetrate the stronghold and kill the fiend. Destroy the head, you see, and the body will die. But this is no ordinary man, oh no, this is a man who has trained his body to its physical peak, a man capable of incredible feats of agility and courage. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you... the Assassin.

But the Assassin doesn't have to rely on himself alone. He's also been armed with deadly razor-sharp boomerangs and a limited supply of super weapons to help him cut a swathe through the enemy defences... and against this lot he'll need all the help he can get. As well as the mercenaries there are genetically-engineered mutants roaming Midan's lair...

As you probably already know, Assassin - the latest release from the near-legendary Team 17 boys - is a runny-jumpy-killy affair strongly influenced by games like Strider. Will it be a disappointment after the brilliant Project-X? Will it heck...

Midan's fortress is split into five main zones, corresponding to the five levels of the game. There is, in fact, a small sixth level (which sees the Assassin having a one-on-one with Midan himself) but we wouldn't spoil your fun by showing you what happens there.

Another cool Team17 title, with music featuring with one of the best Amiga musicians, Allister Brimble. The Assassin is a cool platform-action game, where you have to run through many levels and kill everybody you can :)

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